Owning a Home at Oscar Pride: The Benefits of Gated Community Living

Oscar Pride Park
Oscar Pride- Your Royal Abode A gateway to royal life and a legacy for generations to come

With Oscar Pride, you are not just buying land but an opportunity to enrich your future.

Oscar Pride offers an array of facilities and modern amenities, has excellent connectivity, multiple sized plots, a breathtaking campus design, and royalty that serves you the best. It’s an investment that keeps reaping benefits. Either way, Oscar Pride is a landmark that will redefine you.

1. Safety and security :
The safety of Oscar Pride’s community is assured with its 24*7 security systems, a well-guarded campus and cameras installed all over the place. With an utmost priority asset like your home, the gated community comes to the rescue having a round the clock CCTV surveillance. Every visitor has an entry record which helps to track any miscellaneous activity if it arises in and around the campus.

2. Higher property value
Located on the Kanadia main road, Bypass- Oscar Pride is a unique and royal township sprawling over 8 acres. It’s an investment that keeps growing over time, a landmark that will redefine your identity. The future of Oscar’s community is secure with the higher return on investment value that it holds!

3. Luxurious lifestyle
There is no other housing choice that can offer a dreamy lifestyle similar to gated communities. They offer everything that you may need to have a good time and elevate your monotonous daily routine. Living in a gated community like Oscar Pride means having access to amenities, such as-

  • Gym
  • Lily Pond
  • Feature walls
  • Temple
  • Kids Play area
  • Selfie wall
  • Barbeque space
  • Jogging track
  • Senior citizen garden
  • Fully secured campus

In any other type of housing facility, you’ll have to find these amenities nearby and may have to pay additionally. But with gated community living, you get them all at one place!

4. Safe play area for children
If you are a parent, there can be no safer place for your kids than a gated community. Most of the responsible gated communities have a separate kids play area which is highly secured with proper surveillance and guard. These areas are designed with slides, swings and other fun items for your kids to come, enjoy, make friends and play along. Also, there is no danger of moving vehicles in kids zone.

5. Luxury of peace and greenery
There is a rare luxury that a gated community holds, the luxury of peace and greens! Gated communities like Oscar pride spans across several acres of land which makes it possible to offer a green environment to its residents. If you reside amidst the city, you’re probably already familiar with how bad the city traffic gets. Clean and pollution-free air might turn out to be a task, only a gated community can offer the solution of environment friendly living at bare minimum cost.

There are several other rewarding facilities and amenities offered by a gated community. So if you can imagine yourself living with utmost comfort and safety, we have got multiple sized plots available to suit your housing needs. Oscar pride possesses many more features than mentioned above. We would love to discuss the possibilities of your dream home, contact us on 89292 25275.


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    Job Description : IT Manager

    Ruchi Realty is a leading real estate company that is dedicated to providing exceptional services to its clients. We are currently seeking an experienced and highly skilled IT Manager to join our dynamic team. This role will be responsible for maintaining and overseeing our IT infrastructure, managing all technical IT-related operations, and providing support for various systems such as AWS and SAP.


    • Manage and ensure the smooth operation of the company’s IT infrastructure, including networks, servers, and workstations.
    • Oversee the deployment and maintenance of AWS hosting, ensuring optimal performance and security.
    • Provide technical support and troubleshooting for issues related to systems, servers, and network infrastructure.
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    • Take charge of the SAP system, ensuring its effectiveness and coordinating with relevant stakeholders for integration and support.
    • Plan, execute, and monitor IT projects, ensuring they are completed within budget and on schedule.
    • Conduct regular system audits to identify vulnerabilities and develop strategies to mitigate risks.
    • Stay updated with the latest trends and advancements in IT technology, providing recommendations for continuous improvement.
    • Manage and mentor IT staff, ensuring their professional development and fostering a collaborative work environment.
    Qualifications and Skills:

    • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Technology Engineering, or a related field. MCA degree is also acceptable.
    • Proven experience in managing and maintaining IT infrastructure, preferably in the real estate industry.
    • Proficiency in AWS infrastructure, implementation, and management.
    • Strong knowledge of SAP systems, including setup, configuration, and support.
    • Familiarity with networking protocols, servers, and security systems.
    • Excellent problem-solving skills and the ability to prioritize tasks in a fast-paced environment.
    • Strong leadership and team management abilities.
    • Effective communication skills, with the ability to convey technical information to non-technical stakeholders.
    • Certifications in relevant IT fields would be an advantage.

    Join our team at Ruchi Realty and contribute to our mission of delivering exceptional customer service through robust IT infrastructure and support. Send in your application, including your resume and a brief cover letter highlighting your relevant experience and qualifications.